Monday, April 22, 2013

Building spike brothers

Hello, Most of us know or at least realize that, spike brother do in fact have the most powerful break ride in the game currently. But a great power comes with some consequences. The deck itself is not as consistent as other breakride decks as they solely depend on their draws. They have no search power or filter power such as spark kid or ermo.  Hence we have to do away with what they have. Lets start with the triggers, The standard will be 4 heals 4 draws and 8 crits as thats all they have, unless you wanna play stand triggers. The crits allow early game aggression and you can deal considerable amount of damage early game. Next up is the grade 1s. The first grade 1 that should come to your mind whenever you want to construct a deck is perfect guards. they are absolutely needed at 4 in this meta where EDD dominates. Next is the 8ks, Bad end dragger and dudley emperor both hits 13k by themselves. so boosted by wonder boy gives you 21k which is extremely important in dealing early game damage.So wonder boy at 4 is a must. Next are 4 reckless express. This is by far the best grade 1 that spike bros have. Hitting 12k by itself is very very important when you break ride. and its also searchable by mecha trainer. So minimum 3 of this guy in the deck to provide early game aggression. the last 2 slots are personal preference. it can be medical manager to filter your deck.  Next up is the grade 2s. high speed brakki, you have to run 4 of this. Its just too good for pressure when you score crits. Next is the best grade 2 for spike bros, Dudley maison! i cant describe how good this card is in this deck. Your opponent will do anything to guard this card due to the fact that it gives a free unit from your deck. This filters your deck and increases consistency at the same time. You must have 4 of this in your deck or you should not play spike brothers. last grade 2 is your personal preference. can be filed driller for early game pressure. Now on to the grade 3. 4 bad end dragger and 4 dudley emperor. Juggernaut maximun is Bullshit. High speed brakki does the same as juggernaut maximum. And adding too many grade 3s will reduce the consistency of the deck. your goal is to inflict alot of damage early game and finish of your opponent with bad end dragers break ride effect. If you see a juggernaut maximum in a jap spike bro deck, than that deck is badly built.  So now i hope you have a good idea of how to make a spike bro deck as consistent as possible after reading this and good luck owning your opponent with your 110k shield or loose attack! And believe me when i say bad end dragger is infact the most broken break ride ever crated~

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